The History of Puzzle-Me-This!

Dedicated to Ending Jigsaw Puzzle Boredom with Unique, One-Of-A-Kind Jigsaw Puzzles.

Puzzle-Me-This   has   been   developed   over   years   of   effort   and   dedication.   We   initially wanted   to   create   Personal   Puzzles   for   our   own   use   and   enjoyment.   As   we   invested   time and   resources   into   creating   the   “perfect   puzzle”,   we   realized   there   were   no   limits   to   what we   could   create.   All   we   needed   was   an   image,   photograph,   clip-art...   whatever   struck   our fancy! As   the   process   grew,   we   became   focused   not   only   on   unique   subject   matter,   but   on unique   materials   which   would   make   our   puzzles   stand   out   from   all   the   mass-produced standard puzzles. We were able to do just that.   We   wanted   to   focus   on   making   very   special,   personal   and   unique   puzzles   that   would   last a   lifetime   and   become   a   “family   tradition”,   “heirloom”   and   even   a   “work   of   art.”   With   the ever-growing   popularity   of   digital   cameras,   even   those   incorporated   into   cell   phones   today,   people   are   able   to   take photographs   at   will.   The   quality   of   digital   images   has   improved   significantly   over   the   years.   High   resolution   digital scanners   are   now   capable   of   scanning   old   family   photographs   and   creating   a   digital   image   that   is   more   than   suitable   for   a Puzzle-Me-This! Jigsaw Puzzle. Your   options   are,   essentially,   limitless.   Like   we   say,   if   you   can   picture   it,   we   can   make   a   jigsaw   puzzle .”   Just   say Puzzle-Me-This! ”   With   a   little   effort   and   planning,   you   can   create   some   amazing,   memorable   images   from   vacations , weddings,   sporting   events ,   picnic’s ,   birthdays ,   your   beautiful   gardening    efforts,   the   old   family   homestead , your   car    club ...   you   can   even   have   professional   photographers   supply   images   from   different   occasions,   such   as Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, Retirements, ... well, you get the idea! We   have   even   had   requests   for   Educational   Subject   Matter   as   well   as   puzzles   for   Therapeutic   use   in   Adult   Care Communities   and   Rehabilitation   Centers.   It   was   this   wide   spread   interest   which   led   us   to   start   Puzzle-Me-This!   Now, you   can   take   part   in   the   next   generation   of   Jigsaw   Puzzles!   This   time,   you   will   control   the   subject   matter,   size   and difficulty. What more could you ask for... except... “ Puzzle-Me-This!
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