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Ordering Acrylic: Face-Mounted - .125” and .0625”

.0625” or .125”  Material Thickness

.625” - .75” Avg. Piece Size
Ordering Checklist: 1.	Acrylic Thickness (.125” or .0625”) 	2.	Puzzle quantity for each image 	3.	Difficulty and Alternation 	1.	Difficulty 1-10 	2.	Alternation “Uniform”, “Symmetrical Alternating”, Opposite Alternating” or “Random” 	4.	Image ID (if ordering from our Image Gallery) 	5.	Send your image (if using one of your own) and request a Puzzle Proof 	6.	Approve the Puzzle Proof 	7.	Pay for the Puzzle(s) on-line after receiving the invoice
10x10 (169-256 Pcs.) $36.00 $33.00 $31.00   12x10 (208-304 Pcs.) $37.00 $34.00 $32.00   12x12 (256-361 Pcs.) $38.00 $35.00 $33.00 12x14 (288-418 Pcs.) $40.00 $37.00 $35.00 12x16 (336-494 Pcs.) $42.00 $39.00 $37.00 12x18 (384-551 Pcs.) $44.00 $41.00 $39.00  12x20 (432-608 Pcs.) $46.00 $43.00 $41.00 12x22 (464-665 Pcs.) $48.00 $45.00 $43.00 12x24 (512-722 Pcs.) $50.00 $47.00 $45.00  
When   paying   for   your   Puzzle   Me   This!   order,   all   financial   transactions   are   handled   through   a   third-party   secure   server   and   we NEVER   see   any   financial   information;   only   that   the   order   was   paid   for,   at   which   point   we   process   and   ship   directly   to   you.   We use   PayPal    to   send   invoices   and   request   payment   once   you   approve   the   Request   for   Quote.   You   can   use   your   Credit   or   Debit Card to pay for your order. You do NOT  need a PayPal account to use your Credit or Debit Card on PayPal. After   determining   your   preferences   using   the   questions   below,   send   us   an   e-mail   Requesting   a   Quote   and   a   Puzzle   Proof.   We will   respond   with   a   Quote   and   Proof   of   your   puzzle.   We   try   to   batch   our   orders   and   process   them   in   a   timely   manner.   This helps keep costs down.
10+ (*)
* Corporate orders are welcome and will be quoted on an order specific basis. ** Resellers need to submit a “Reseller Request” using our Contact page. Put Reseller Request in the subject line. *** Therapeutic - Rehabilitation, and large scale children’s Educational puzzles will be quoted on an order by order basis. Larger piece puzzles will generally be a little less expensive.