You   are   the   VP   of   Creative   Content!   You   can   take   your   own   photographs   or   have someone   else   take   them   for   you.   We   will   crop   your   image   and   double   check   for   suitable image   quality   before   cutting   the   final   puzzle.   If   we   feel   there   are   any   issues,   we   will contact you. If   you   take   your   own   photographs,   or   have   someone   else   take   them   for   you,   please keep   in   mind   that   there   is   no   substitute   for   a   “quality”   image.   Your   subject   matter needs   to   be   in   focus,   reasonably   centered   and   of   a   sufficient   resolution   that   it   will   be able   to   show   the   proper   detail   at   the   size   you   want.   We   typically   ask   for   300   dpi   for print    quality    purposes.    Most    digital    cameras,    when    set    on    the    highest    resolution (typically FINE or L) an ISO setting of 100 - 200, will yield excellent results. Once   you   have   a   selection   of   images   you   wish   to   make   into   a   Puzzle-Me-This!   Jigsaw   Puzzle,   simply   e-mail   us   your   image(s), or   identify   the   stock   image   from   our   growing   inventory.   We   will   send   you   a   “proof”   of   what   the   puzzle   will   look   like   before   we actually   create   it.   Once   you   agree   on   the   proof,   we   will   send   you   an   electronic   invoice   for   payment.   Once   payment   is   received, your   Puzzle-Me-This!   Jigsaw   Puzzle   will   be   created   and   shipped   to   the   address   you   supplied.   Puzzles   generally   take   7-10 business days, depending on work load, once approved.

Puzzle Sizes and Difficulty

We   can   create   any   size   within   a   12”x24”   envelope.   Pieces   can   be   as   small   as   .5”   square;   increasing   in   size   from   there.   We generally   try   to   create   sizes   in   the   .625”   to   .75”   range.   Children’s   Puzzle   pieces,   as   well   as   Therapeutic   and   Rehabilitation pieces,   are   typically   much   larger.   The   images   will   be   formatted   for   optimum   size.   You   can   state   a   size   preference,   along   with your   size   &   difficulty   selections,   and   will   let   you   know   if   your   image   will   meet   the   size   you   want.   When   formatting   the   size,   we keep the Scale Factor to 1:1 so your image does not become distorted when adjusting the size. Difficulty   can   range   from   Uniform ”,      Symmetric-Alternating ”   or   Opposite-Alternating”    and   Random ”   which   can   be seen   in   the   samples   at   the   bottom   of   the   page.   We   can   create   up   to   ( 10 )   levels   of   shape   changes;   from   mild   to   radical.   The puzzle   is   a   12   x   10   and   piece   count   was   kept   at   25   to   show   the   design   options   and   the   resolution   reduced   to   150   DPI   for   the website. Again, you will be given the opportunity to “Proof” your puzzle before it is produced.

Quality Control

As   we   create   your   “Puzzle-Me-This!   Jigsaw   Puzzle,   we   adhere   to   stringent   quality   standards.   Each   puzzle   will   be   inspected before   cutting   the   pieces.   Your   ‘Puzzle   Proofs’   will   be   sent   showing   the   puzzle   pattern   and   how   it   looks   against   your   image. You   have   the   options   to   make   changes   until   you   like   what   you   see.   It   really   is   a   WYSIWYG    (What   You   See   Is   What   You   Get) proof!   We   will   then   put   a   protective   film   on   your   “whole”   puzzle   and   create   your   individual   pieces.   Your   Puzzle-Me-This! Jigsaw Puzzle is then packaged and shipped. Once you receive it, simply remove the protective film and enjoy!
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Uniform Difficulty: 1
Symetric-Alternating Difficulty: 5
Opposite-Alternating Difficulty: 8
Random Difficulty: 10