Acrylic Face-Mounted

Your image is “Face-Mounted” on the underside of the Clear Acrylic Sheet, allowing you to look through the Acrylic and see the image below. This also creates a very vibrant puzzle as the acrylic tends to increase the color depths. Great pains are taken to ensure that your images are applied to the acrylic without any bubbles or wrinkles. We have invested heavily in equipment to laminate and cut the perfect puzzle. Acrylic is available in .125” and .0625” thickness. Other thicknesses may be available upon special request. The .0625” thick acrylic more closely resembles the “traditional thickness” of cardboard die-cut puzzles. We recommend Children’s Puzzles (under the age of 6) be made from .125” thick Acrylic. Each puzzle will be individually boxed and shipped. A color image of your assembled puzzle will be supplied inside each box for reference during assembly.


Puzzle-Me-This   Jigsaw   Puzzles   come   ready   to   assemble   in   separate   cardboard   boxes.   Due   to   the   unique   nature   of   our   Jigsaw Puzzle   process,   each   piece   will   be   covered   with   a   protective   layer   of   low-tack   film   that   will   need   to   be   removed   before assembling   your   Masterpiece!   The   film   is   very   easy   to   remove   and   was   applied   as   a   protective   measure   during   the handcrafting and packing process. It also serves as additional protection during shipping. View   our   Processes    page   to   learn   what   is   required   from   you   to   produce   your   Unique,   One-Of-A-Kind   Jigsaw   Puzzle.   You   can select   from   available   sizes   and   difficulty   levels   when   visiting   our   Ordering    page.   If   you   have   any   questions,   please   visit   our Contact  page for information on how we can be reached.
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